Reverse proxy root redirct

Hi everyone,

I have just got my nextcloud up and running and I know what is going wrong, I just don’t know the most effective way to fix it.

I have nginx reverse proxy setup with ssl that takes[something] and forwards to various different virtual servers and services I have setup on my home server

I am trying to setup to goto my nextcloud installation which is on an ubuntu server vm.

The problem is that nginx passes the request to the VM fine and apache sees the request with the /docs and is looking for the site root at /var/www/html/docs rather than /var/www/html. I tested this by making a docs dir with a test index.html file and when i browse to this test file is displayed.

I am now not sure if this is something i should fix on the nginx side, apache side or if I can do so via the nextcloud config?

I have searched a bunch of stuff but do not seem to find the solution I am after and hoping someone here can help me?

Thanks a bunch in advance.