Reusing the same turn server?

I have Nexcloud running on a internal home server, but I’v found that I get the best stability by having my turn server in a hosting center with a real ip and lot of bandwith. Now if I want to setup another NC for a competently other group of people, can I use the same already configured TURN server to the second instance?

What are the security implications. I will be the admin on both servers, and as I understand the end users will never have access to the shared key anyway.

Or is it stupid idea and I should get on to rtfm and figure out how to configure more API users

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If that TURN server is the coTURN server - yes you can.
I use one coTURN server with half a dozen Nextcloud servers and a BBB server…

You can try the same with a standalone signaling server,

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Thanks. So the only drawback in doing so is - that if one of the NC is compromised you have to change the secret on all instances.

Yes. But If someone managed to steal the key from your Nextcloud server, you obviously have much bigger problems than the fact that they could now use your turn server. :wink:

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