Reuse NCPI lets encrypt certs for Emby Media server

Running Debian with NCPI on it. I also have Emby Media server running on the same machine.

NextcloudPi has a script to setup Let’s Encrypt. I’d like to use remote connections to my emby server with HTTPS. Someone told me that:

If you already have certs setup for Apache you can just re-use them. Go into the Emby interface and put the path and password of your existing certificate under advanced options.

So where would I find that info on my machine?

Find certificates installed by running:

sudo certbot certificates

Or get certificate path from Apache config for Nextcloud:

cat /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/nextcloud.conf

So I found the certificate file and the private key that goes with it.

Do you know how I would go about reusing these? Wouldn’t they be tied to my nextcloud domain address at no-ip? (ex: And I can’t use this address because it forwards to port 443 and my nextcloud server, not port 8920 like I need.

Sorry, I really don’t understand HTTPS and this ssl cert stuff. That’s why I’ve always used NextcloudPi because it has a script that does all of this for me if I enter my email address, domain, and user to notify upon update.

All depends on Emby’s configuration.

I dont use or know it, so I would head over to Emby community and read their documentation and if unclear, ask the Emby community.

I would look for Emby’s Apache2 config file in /etc/apache2/sites-available
make a copy, so can restore it if things break, then add the ssl parts to it, reload Apache to see if it works.

You will have to use either another port or another domain.