Retrospective board

A board to be used during retrospectives. It could be based on Nextcloud Deck

  • At the beginning of a retrospective the board shows some empty columns.
    • The columns represent a subject to be discussed/reviewed. Like, ‘What did you like’, ‘What didn’t you like’ and ‘Try next’, etc
    • The columns are created by someone, or can be selected from a default set
  • Participants can add cards to the respective columns.
  • My cards are visible, while cards added by others (in the same session) are not visible yet.
  • After some countdown time, all cards are shown
  • While reviewing/discussing the topics on the cards - similar cards can be merged into one card


  • Topics can be voted for, with a thumbs up
  • After voting ‘someone’ can order the cards. The cards with the highest votes are stored at the top.

Add a new column (when it is not available), for example called ‘Action’:

  • Move the highest scored cards from the other columns to the Action column
  • Allow for additional text to be added to the Actions card.

People now know what to do. Quick and easy :slight_smile:

The cards in one column should have the same background color. Green, Purple, Orange, for example.

Many more things can be envisioned. But with the above functionality to start with, it would be nice board already.

An alternative solution could be easy retro

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