Retrieve username and password

Hi all

I have installed Nextcloud to a jail from a Freenas Plugin. It’ been a while since I used it, and the username/password is missing from my brain (missing brain?).

Nextcloud version (10.0.1):
Operating system and version ( Freenas 11.1-U6):

I have tried to run the sudo command via shell in Freenas, but I got this error message:

root@nextcloud_1:/ # sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ user:resetpassword admin
sudo: Command not found.

So I might have the wrong username for my account.

Please advice :slight_smile:

This is a linux command (and www-data the webserver user in debian/ubuntu), I had problems using it like that in FreeBSD. I used it like that:

su -m www -c 'php /var/www/nextcloud/occ user:resetpassword admin'

www is the default user in FreeBSD, not sure in FreeNAS, could be the same. You can check who is the owner of the files and folders within the Nextcloud folder, it’s very likely the same (ls -lisah /var/www/nextcloud/).