Rethinking of changing of a password

when you change a password, you have very little time to go through all of your clients and change and synchronize all devices…if you failed to do so, your account becomes disabled and ALL clients stopped syncronizing…at least this is my observed behavior.

the preferred (IMHO) behavior should, once the app/client failed to login, stop trying and change the color of the app…currently it changes to “general purpose” grey, but doesn’t tell you why…

on my Android phone, it doesn’t even give you any indications, it just crashes (filed under 8728).

Thoughts? Suggestions?

active logged-in clients are expected to stay connected without any impact if you change the password. Only new logins should be affected by new password…

I am going to have to respectfully disagree with you.

I am dealing with right now (still) with the user account getting disabled automatically and I have no idea which device is causing it.

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I’m facing exactly the same issue.

I did a “wipe all devices” under this account, thinking that I’d start over…nope…didn’t work…account is still being disabled…

I guess there isn’t a solution where I can clean this up directly in MySQL tables…

Hi @copenhaus if you have shell access try occ command :

sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ user:enable username

(change the path of nextcloud folder by yours)

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yes, I’ve been doing it through the web interface…but doing it every two minutes!!! Yah, the account is disabled rather quickly…I have no clue where/how…

@copenhaus the problem is that the owner of this account has to disable all his clients because they make requests every time, you can’t stop client requests from the server.

I know. It’s me, I am the account owner…so I am drinking the cool-aid and feeling the pain.

It’s more than just clients, there’s webdav, etc…under “Devices & sessions”, there are 120 entries…