Resyncing encrypted files

I’m getting error messages during sync of some files that seem to be encrypted with an older key I beleive to be lost. I have the files locally, though. I get these error messages, but the filenames are truncated and when trying to click for details, I get an empty popup. Nevertheless - I have the files locally, so I wonder how I can re-sync these files from my mac to the server. They are 5ish years old and not updated since then, so I just want to rewrite them to clean up.

Any ideas?

I think i would try to delete them (nextcloud server and nextcloud client) and then i would copy them again but in another folder. Only when everything works I would consider renaming the folder again.

How can I find the pathnames of these when the gui trucates them? Is there a log file somewhere?

GUI == browser?

Perhaps you can delete in the browser this folders:

Photos Skjermbilder
Photos -> Lightroom