Resume preview generation

Hi there

If was running preview:generate-all but it stopped before it was done. If i run it again will it resume the preview generation or just start over ? if not, is there any way to resume the preview generation instead of starting all over ?

i have 100.000 raw images in a nextcloud setup and alot of them allready now has previews i dont want to loose.

  • Tonny


But unfortunately the preview generator app does not work properly at the moment.


strange, i dont get that error. The only issue i have currently is after upgrading to version 16.0.0 in file thumbnail view, if i clich the thumbnail, it does not show the large preview, i just downloads the file. I can only view the previews i gallery mode. BUT only if i do it for camera raw files, like my nikon .nef file.

i hope this gets solved, and i did not break my installation by upgrading.

I have the same problem with the broken RAW file preview app.

Has anyone been able to get previews working lately?