Restrict sharing to "intern" users

I want to exclude sharing of folders/files with external users + by mail.
For such rare cases, there should only be the option to “Share link” via checkbox.

Is that possible? If yes how?

You can disable it but I don’t know how you want to handle “such rare cases”. Either you allow it or not. You can’t say only 5 public links per user and year.

Yes, this link I know and tried to understand everything :wink:

I would like to exclude files / directories shared with external users (screenshot => 1).
In exceptional cases the sharing with external users should be possible only via the checkbox (screenshot => 2).
That’s what I mean … sorry for the bad english.

You can disable federated cloud sharing but still use sharing via links (if you receive a link you can always integrate this into your Nextcloud, but you have to know it and it won’t be automatically established as it is done with the federated cloud sharing).

To get this as an official feature will probably be difficult because it complicates the use of the sharing option a lot. For it is quite obvious that it isn’t an internal user, there is no need for an extra checkbox.

Ok, I went into the details:

  • NC 11
  • when I try to share a folder by mail: Public upload not allowed. That’s how it should be!
  • if I share the same folder by link: sharing is possible, so also everything OK.
    -> if I share a file by mail, there is no contradiction of NC.

Can it be that point 3 is not correct?

Just out of curiosity, do you mean you want to create multiple sharing links?

Or you want to have something like a “link-user”, an user, but without an account, only using links to access NC?

I like both ideas, btw.

I’m not sure if I understand you correctly. I just want the reaction of NC to be consistent.

Could someone possibly check this once with another NC?

  • Administration: Allow users to create public shares => Disabled
  • sharing a file via mail possible?
  • sharing a folder by mail possible?

As I understand it, the answer should be no in both cases.

If I disable “Allow users to share via link”, as a user I can’t create a share link. In the share field, I can enter an e-mail address and select sharing via e-mail but I get an error that link sharing is not allowed. So it works for me like you expect it.

Sharing by mail should still be possible. Because even if this has some similarity on a technical level it is quite different from a user perception.

If you want to disable “link sharing”, then disable it in your admin setting. If you want to disable “share by mail” you can disable the “share by mail” app in your apps menu.

Thank you, that helps me further …