Restrict possibility of posting comments

Hi everybody,
in NextCloud Talk (group conversation) I am searching for a possibility to restrict posting only to a certain group of registered users, i.e. one group (just a few members) is allowed to write inside a communication channel and the majority of users is only allowed to read.
Any hint is welcome … thx in advance!

Hey, it’s not possible to do this group-wise, but you can remove the chat permission in NC 25, so that should already do what you want. Are you using 25?

Yes I am running NCv25.
Removing chat permission in general is not an option since users use the group chats very intensively. I tried the announcement app already but this only work for the web browser and not for the NC-Talk app.

I think we misunderstand each other. With chat permission i don’t meant chat in general, but you can set it per conversation (like with video permission)

Ok, I see now - it’s a difference between NCv24 and NCv25?
With the latest release there is an additional option to allow/forbid chatting for group members.
But: when I disable the chatting option, then at least all the moderators still can chat?
In other words: I would like to have a group of members who can chat and the other group just listens …

It was added in 25. Remove the default permission for all and then add chat permission to those who are allowed to send messages

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Sounds great! I will try …
Thank your for your help!