Restrict login to IP addresses App / DDNS

Does this app support DDNS entries?



What app are you talking about? Can you please be more precise, provide system details, software versions etc. and explain IN DETAIL what you’re planning to do.

App - Restrict login to IP addresses

There is an app on the market called “Restrict login to IP addresses” See link.

We are running NC 18.04
Running Ubuntu 18.04

In regards to the IN DETAIL comment, I want to use DDNS entries for whitelisting not IP addresses. I have several locations that do not have static IP addresses and therefore their IP changes. I have DDNS entries setup for for each of these locations. instead of using, I want to use and have the DNS lookup the IP.

The server only see the ip and not the host.

Perhaps you can write software with a list fo dyndns-names that are changed to ip-addresses (e. g. host or nslookup).

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You can use iptables but the man page do not recommend it…

 --source address[/mask][,...]
              Source  specification.  Address  can be either a network name, a hostname, a network IP address (with /mask), or a plain IP address.
              Hostnames will be resolved once only, before the rule is submitted to the kernel.  Please note that specifying any name  to  be  re‐
              solved  with a remote query such as DNS is a really bad idea.  The mask can be either an ipv4 network mask (for iptables) or a plain
              number, specifying the number of 1's at the left side of the  network  mask.   Thus,  an  iptables  mask  of  24  is  equivalent  to
       A  "!"  argument  before the address specification inverts the sense of the address. The flag --src is an alias for
              this option.  Multiple addresses can be specified, but this will expand to multiple rules (when adding with -A), or will cause  mul‐
              tiple rules to be deleted (with -D). ```