Restrict delete files to Nextcloud Folder

I’ve Nextcloud v15 server. I need setting client only “upload”, “read” and disable “Delete” permission into Nextcloud folder. ¿is possible? . I search app but i do not find something .


I allways use a central “sharemaster” user for this. As sharemaster i share a folder with only upload permissions to the user(s)/group(s).

In the root folder he or she could upload files, but if you dont want that, just give the a quota of about 5mb.

yes i had tried that option. but the destination user have, eg:

    - Foo\
        -Nextcloud\ -> (this is a root folder)
           -Sharedfolder -> (this is a shared folder) 


sorry, i guess i dont get your point. please elaborate.

I´m talking strictly about things you do in the webinterface if that helps.

the clients use the nextcloud client for Windows (not web interface) . So when i shared folder from “sharemaster” this folder isn’t the “root folder” from final user.