Restrict Admin users to the Internal network


We want to allow admin users only from the internal network.

Since i could not find any possibility for this, maybe i have overlooked it, i would like to ask, if its possible to restict certain users to a specific source ip range like 192.168.* or 10.*

In the meantime we disable the admin user and enable it, when we need something. But that is tiresome, and our security advisor feels that would be important.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Ascendancer, did you find a solution for your problem? We’d like to do the same


Adding one more person here, who also needs this feature. Separate admin login page, maybe like or /index.php/admin (?)


I also need this feature :thinking:

Maybe app Restrict login to IP addresses could be updated to be applied only to group and user. At the moment it has not been updated for NC 15 …

Does anyone has made Apache rules? or modSecurity rules?