Restoring to point in time

With the threat of ransomware growing every day, the ability to restore to a point in time is almost a must have feature. What’s this feature called in Nextcloud? Struggling to find it. In Seafile you’d restore a snapshot of a library. I found some old posts on here asking about the feature so not sure if it’s actually available.

Not totally a showstopper for my client as they are on Azure and we can restore the entire VM to the previous night in about 30 mins.

  1. Offsite backups (manually done or automated)

  2. As previously mentioned using a VM and snapshot/backing up the image.

Nextcloud should not be the application handling backups on your server.


Whatever you are comfortable with. I also do once a day. Set something more frequent to avoid client headaches if it helps. It is all on you. Most clients will be angry about any amount of data loss fwiw.

I might challenge that as slightly old-fashioned thinking. Sure air-gapped off-site backups are important (but not trivial) but as the above poster commented, clients don’t want any downtime so fast restore of data is paramount from a business continuity point of view. They demand an almost instant restore of data.

Seafile, OneDrive and SharePoint (and Dropbox and probably GDrive) all offer the ability to restore back to a point in time very quickly mainly because all it’s doing is rewriting the directory structure - the original files are there on the server. Sure, it will take time for any synchronised files to re-sync.

Nextcloud file versioning means they are a long way down the the road to allowing a restore of an entire library to a point in time.

Instant restore is certainly a hot potato in the world of backup. Very impressed with Veeam - it can restore an entire VM from backup almost instantly.

As I said, it’s not a total showstopper as there is a backup every night. If they need more granular backups, then we’ll have to revisit.

If your server is infected with ransomware any local backups are going to be compromised.

If the client is infected with ransomware and not the server, yes, restoring back to a point in time would be ideal.

Unfortunately this will likely never be implemented in nextcloud. But it is open source, you’re free to contribute the code needed to allow this.

That seems a rather closed response to what I thought was a pretty dynamic and expanding system? Why is it not likely to be implemented?

I’m not a PHP developer and have no time to become one. But as a sometime developer I’m going to guess that snapshots are going to be pretty tightly woven into the system. I’ll let the client know that this feature isn’t available and won’t be available any time soon or at all. They can make the decision whether how critical this feature is to their business continuity plans.

The simple answer to my question is this feature is not available and mark it as the “solution”.