Restoring passwords from backup

Something happened to my database that seems to have corrupted one of the password tables. This prohibits me from accessing the password app in nextcloud. I just get a blank page. I am moving my nextcloud setup to another server. I was able to locate the automatic backup files but the new server says it is the wrong database version when I try to import them. Is what I’m trying to do even possible?

Restoring backups from one server on another is usually possible. To restore backups you need to have the same version of the app installed on both servers. If you get the error Unsupported backup version: <number>, you’re trying to restore a newer backup using an older version of the app. This is not possible.

Just to make this clear: The backup files automatically created by the server need to be imported using the command line. You can not import them using the web app. Trying to do this will give you the error Unsupported database version as the backup files are not compatible.

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