Restoring lost database

Hello Everyone.

I have the following problem: While working on my database, I accidentally dropped the Nextcloud database. Is there any known way to recreate the lost data? All other files are still intact. Unfortunately, I activated encryption.

I am using the latest version of stable Nextcloud.

Yes, recreate the database from your regular backups, which you’ve set-up as an experienced adminstrator.

This would have been easy, indeed. Unfortunately, I am neither an experienced admin nor did I set up any backups.

Afaik, a data base cannot be restored without creating regular backups. What you should be able to do is, to make a backup of your config.php file, reinstall Nextcloud from scratch, restore the config.php file and rescan the files on your hard disk. All other data, like contacts or calendars, etc., can most likely not be recovered.

To be honest, I’ve never done this with active encryption, so I personally cannot tell you if this will work or not :wink:


Thank you. Let’s hope for the best. I created a shadow data directory, so I can re-read the data.