Restoring from manual backup on different instance

I completely reinstalled nextcloud, before doing so I tried to export my passwords and it kept erroring. I made a manual backup by copying the most recent backup in the backups folder under appdata and moved it off the machine. On my new installation I am trying to import this file back again, using the occ command works, I imported and restored the backup file without error, but it does not actually provide me with any passwords added to my installation. Is this possibly an error with the fact that I am on a user on a new installation? Is this something I can resolve at all, or is it not possible from the manual backups like that?
Console output below:

This should be possible. You should check if the user id of your user in Nextcloud matches. If you use a user backend like LDAP or SAML this might have changed. Otherwise maybe just check the tables of the app in the database and see if they contain any data.

I double checked, and the old user id had a different capitalization, just replaced it in the file and it imported fine. Thank you!