Restoring deleted calendar appointments by restoring database (calendard tables)?

in an Android calendar app, I deleted clumsily all my appointments/entries of my Nextcloud Calender.
But I have a actual backup of the whole NC database with these calendar tables:


Can I restore only these tables to get my appointments back? Or do I have to restore the whole database?

Thanks a lot!

– NC 29.0.1 on a shared Linux server –

Why are you asking and not trying? You should of course first create a full backup of your database as it is NOW, then I would restore the calendar and eventually the dav tables and look if everything is back.

If you want to create backups from your calendars, read this (and related threads) please:

Hope that helps

Much and good luck,

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Thanks for your help!

Why did I ask before the β€œoperation”? Now I wanted to be on the safe side of life :wink:

I have inserted all these calendar tables and it seems to work! My next appointment? My bed… :wink:

Good night and thanks again!

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