Restore from backup

Hi, I was facing this issue:

and want to restore from backup, i used the hanssons update script and am unsure where the backup is stored (its not /mnt/NCBACKUP ) or how to restore it.
I upgraded from v20 to v21 as described in the issues link on github

I have some “backups” in /var/NCBACKUP but it contains only apps and config folders
I do have a backup of the whole VM from a while ago but its missing several entries from my calender and contacts… so if an easy restore is not possible, is there a way for a previous install to force synchronization with my phone? I would assume the default behavior is that after a restore my phone would lose all its newer entries it had previously already synched with nextcloud, assuming they were deleted there?

solved by backing up contacts on the phone with an app, restore vm and then restore the contacts…