Restore encrypted files from broken nextcloud database

I have a backup of my files from a broken nextcloud 18 installation.
The mysql database failed at some point and i tried for weeks many ways to restore it.
now i have given up and reinstalled an other nextcloud.
i copied the old files of a user who did lost some files because he did not keep them all on his computer.
But all i have are the encrypted files, and the private and public keys in the folder

how could i restore these files ?

bump in here,
how can i use the backup of encrypted files of my user to restore them?

i tried to copy and paste them in my new installation at the same place, but files are not decrypted

@tykayn It is unfortunate that you have lost your database because Nextcloud needs it to properly decrypt the files. In case that you at least also still have access to the config/config.php configuration file you can try to use decrypt-all-files.php of the third-party Nextcloud-Tools to rescue your files.

P.S.: This thread here is marked with end-to-end-encryption, but the files_encryption/OC_DEFAULT_MODULE folder belongs to the server-side-encryption.