Restore Data from just the Data Directory and DB (.sql)

I lost my installation of Nextcloud.
I do have the Postgres DB dump and the data. Is there any way to restore this to the new installation without going through the manual process of adding the users etc.

Nextcloud is not running but I have all the access to the files (config files etc). I am getting internal server error etc.

I went for an upgrade and it just got corrupted. I dont want to continue with this installation anymore.

Hello. Anyone ??

Sorry i do not use PostgreSQL. But maybe read Restore.

I think you must first install a new Nextcloud (same version), configure the Nextcloud (use old configs, …), copy files (data) to the correct positions and restore database. With the restore of the database you get e.g. users back.

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I dont have much knowledge of Postgres so I have installed Mysql. And installed new version of Nextcloud.

Is there any possibility I can restore user’s data ?
Meaning I will create the username as previous and copy the data folder. Will that restore the data ?

I think you must migrate the PostSQL to MariaDB first. Search the internet.