Restore Button for Deleted Calendar Events Missing

Dear Nextcloud community,

I am running a Nextcloud 22.2.7 on a raspberry pi server. I recently ran into issues with syncing my calendar events with Outlook that eventually lead to an unwanted deletion of certain calendar events. Fortunately, there is this great trash feature of the Calendar app that should allow me to restore the events. Indeed, I am seeing the deleted events and could now go on and manually add them to my calendar.

The nextcloud documentation, however, indicates that there should be “restore” buttons for the deleted events. Unfortunately, I only see the name of the deleted entry and no timestamp, restore button or the three dots that should be there. (Sorry, I wanted to upload a screenshot to the forum but it doesn’t work for me which seems to be a common issue).

Any ideas why that is and how I can “restore the restore buttons” would be highly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

I just updated my instance from NC 22 to NC 23 and the restore buttons are there now.