Restore after backup failure

Ive been running Nextcloud in a Docker container on unRAID and recently suffered a failure that resulted in a fresh instance of unRAID. I have a backup in the form of a full directory copy, but Im not sure how to translate that into a working restore of my Nextcloud instance.

Ive tried copying the database directory structure to a new instance of Nextcloud but all Im getting is the ‘Internal Server Error’’.

Is it possible to do a database restore when all I have is the raw directory data and not an official DB backup?

Let me know what other detail will be helpful and I’ll post an update.

Thanks for the help.

You need to check the logs, perhaps you just put in place the old passwords and you have to adapt that. But can be something completely different, so check the logs.

Partly. You can reindex everything but it means that the clients will have to sync everything again, shares etc. are lost. Also data from many apps that are stored in the database.