Resource recommendations

What are the recommended (or required) specifications for running Nextcloud well? Now that Oracle Cloud provides two 1GB RAM instances with 50GB storage for free, are those suitable? I’m specifically wondering about the docker setup, since that would be easiest for me to keep updated.

the manual might know more…

@ptman self updating, ready in 5min:

Thank you, but I doubt 128MB or even 512 MB RAM is going to give good performance (how old are those recommendations anyway?). What will make it feel snappy and my users not hate using it?

The recommendation is 2 years old:

you asked for a running nextcloud. on a free server.
you may provide some information about your use case. :wink:

as nc 17 isn’t out for 2 years but for a few months only recommendations there should be fitting the needs. even if they might be already out for 2 years. meaning: devs did a great job… right?

I asked if the specs of those servers were enough. Now that I’ve tried it seems very sluggish. What would be good specs for a small amount of users (10-15) storing thousands of files and gigabytes of data?