[Resolved] Update problem between 23.0.0 and 23.0.2

Hi there,

I tried to update toward 23.0.2 through web interface and the processus stop at the step :
“Create Back-up”
Then I click on “retry update” and nothing happened.

The worst is it’s impossible after to connect again to my Nextcloud web interface.

Do you know this problem ?

(Fortunately and wisely I always creat “snapshot” in my OVH administration)

This might help.

Thanks for this link but I see it’s a matter of permissions.

On my side I do update of Nextcloud on this instance for 2 years without any pbs … and I didn’t do any changes regarding permissions !

Hi there,
My Nextcloud instance is on OVH server and there wasn’t enough place on the disk … so I “enlarge” it and now it’s OK.

So this pb make me say 2 things :

  • it could be precious to get clear message announcing lack of space (when creating back-up)
  • another message explaining how to go back to the instance … because when the process stop at “create back”, it’s impossible (I don’t know how !) to connect again to Nextcloud.

Anyway, space was the clue ;o)