[RESOLVED] Mail notification works only for new shares

Hi all, I’m testing mail notification.
I created 2 accounts and, in their personal settings, I check both ‘Mail’ and ‘Stream’:

A new file or folder has been created   
A file or folder has been changed   
A file or folder has been deleted   
A file or folder has been restored  
A file or folder has been shared    
A file or folder was shared from another server 
A public shared file or folder was downloaded   

List your own file actions in the stream
Notify about your own actions via email

On both users I entered a valid email address and form admin side I configured my smtp server.
I’m sure smtp works because I tested it and also because, if I create a new share, I get notified by mail.

cron.php is triggered by a cronjob (every 2 minutes since I’m testing).
Note: for both users the option “Send mail” is set to hourly.

Well, as the object suggest, if I create/delete/change a file or folder, I don’t get any mail.
No matter if it’s my own file/folder or inside a shared folder.

I check twice my mailserver and I see no mail passing nor getting marked as spam.

Please, may anybody tell me if has tested this feature and if it works?
If I get no answer or you confirm it doesn’t work, I’m going to open a bug report.

Nextcloud 10.0.1 on debian jessie 64 bit
apache 2.4.10
mariadb 10.0.28

Yes, I waited the whole day.
I know running cron often doesn’t trigger the notification.
It was just to point out I didn’t forget about it.

It seems it was a problem related to my network.