[Resolved] GD dependency not found under Slackware


I have installed a vanilla Slackware 14.2 on a VM as I have been evaluating on local backup software since I have configured a computer with zfs and a mirror of 2x 3tb hard drives.

I tried to get nextcloud up and running on it but am failing to make it detect the GD that comes with slack
I do believe php was built with support for it since I can see it on the phpinfo output and is found on the find /|grep gd.so

I would like to ask for ideas on how to fix it or understanding where is nextcloud scripts searching for the GD package.

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I’ll try to help. Do you have a GD section showing in PHP info? Not the configure arguments, but an actual section like this.

Can you run the following command as the user that Nextcloud is configured to run as.

Command: php -i | grep GD

What is the output of that command? It should show something like this,
GD Support => enabled
GD Version => bundled (2.1.0 compatible)

Oh crap!!!
Thank you a lot for your tips!
No clue why GD requires X11 libs (that were uninstalled) yet, it was fixed following the errors thrown by the php -i|grep GD command you told me!

Thank you alot for the help, it is working now!