[Resolved] Error uploading file : Failed to write to disk

I’m using Nextcloud 10.0.1, Debian 8, PHP 7, Nginx 1.10.2, and Redis as cache.

I can upload files without any problems, but when I want to upload files more than 1GB (approximately), I get this error.

(New users can’t post more than one image (??))

So it’s not a permission problem, and I assume I can upload big files :

What could be the problem ? I didn’t find anyone with this issue.

For the upload of large files, there is a nice FAQ article from owncloud which should also apply for NC:

Your logfiles (Nextcloud, Nginx, PHP) could contain more detailed information about the problem.

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So I changed upload_tmp_dir in my php.ini, because it was using /tmp which is mounted in RAM