RESOLVED Android share from another applicaion does not work

Since many days from my huawei p20 smartphone i can not share document send to nextcloud from android app sharing function.
If i start next cloud client android app and send file from this client it works.
For example from pdf scaner or another android app, if i choose share and select Nextcloud, folders list appears but after select right folder nothing is sent to nextcloud.

I have clear all nextcloud android cache, unindtall and reinstall android nextcloud but problem is still existing.
User connected on nextcloud is admin privilege
Any help will be appreciate

Thank you very much

This problem has been discussed in many threads in this forum. It’s a known issue with the 3.14.1 Android app. It’s fixed in the soon-to-be-released 3.14.2.

Thank you very much yostral for your answer.
Sorry to not found this problem in other threads.
Best wishes from France

Android application provided yesterday. It Works fine now :smiley: