[Resolve] How to authorize multiple local addresses in trusted_domains

How do I do if I want that any computers of my local net can access to my nextCloud instance ?
I’d tried to add such a line

1 => ‘’,

in the config.php file but it doesn’t work.
Could someone help me please ?

Every IP can access your NC in the basic Installation. What is your exact reason that you try to do it?

OK. Because, in the config.php file, the address of the PC from which I was connected is written, I guess I have to enumerate all the adresses…
But I try from an other computer and it works.
Thank you.

You misunderstood the purpose of the parameter. Its purpose IS NOT not enter the address range from which you want to access your Nextcloud, but the ip address or name you’re using to access Nextcloud. So if you e.g. access Nextcloud by entering the url “http[s]://” you need to set "1 => '',".