Resharing is not allowed

Nextcloud Ver 13.0.4 on Ubuntu 16.04, shares SMB/CIFS on Windows server 2008 and LDAP authentication: “Enable sharing” checked on shares, but on selecting items into the share still appears “Resharing is not allowed”


Just to clarify:

  • it’s showing this error for a user that has this external storage available (because there is noting in the last column “Available for”). In this case it would be a bug (->
  • If you mount this storage as a admin user and then share it to other users, you must enable resharing that these users can share files on their part as well. In that case, you must enable resharing via your admin-page.
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I have found the answer in the OwnCloud forum (

“The Log-in credentials, save in session mechanism uses the ownCloud login credentials of the user to connect to the storage. These are not stored anywhere on the server, but rather in the user session, giving increased security. The drawbacks are that sharing is disabled when this mechanism is in use …”

So I have set-up “Log-in credentials, save in database” and now the sharing option is available.



Thanks! works like a charm