Reshare folders externally from an already shared parent folder you are not the owner

Hi guys,

I’ve got a request from a group of users in our company, which in my opinion, is not possible at the moment but would probably be a nice feature.

Group: Sales
Users: A - B - C

User A created a folder and shared it with User B and User C, so they can all add their customer stuff into it. These users also do training with customers, which are being recorded. They then create a new folder with the customer name (if it doesn’t exist yet) and store the recorded training video in that folder.

Now they want to share a password protected link to that folder with that customer, so that the customer can download the training video from our NC system.

At the moment this does not work if resharing is not allowed, since they are not the owner of the parent share/folder.

Is there any possibility to get this changed / extended?

What I was thinking off:

Someone creates a folder (could even be the admin) and gives User A, User B and User C access to that folder. Now all of them can create new folders in that parent folder as well see each others folders and create password protected share links for their customers.

I’d like to hear your thoughts about this!