Reset mail app?


I’m afraid I have done something wrong with the mail app: I only have 1 mail account, but the name of it is shown twice in the left column. It seems like the bottom one is working (it shows the main IMAP folders), the top one is not working: it does not show any folders, it does not provide me the option to delete the account using the ‘…’, and I always receive an error when I’m in the mail app that an account could not be loaded.

I’m a bit afraid to mess things up even more, which is why I’m asking here first: would it help to disable the mail app, remove the config settings and then delete the relevant tables in my database (accounts, aliases, attachments, collected_addresses), before re-installing and re-configuring the app?

Or do you have a magic button hidden somewhere to automate the app reset? :wink:


Sounds like you’ve enabled default accounts, thus you cannot delete the first one. Simply remove its config and it will be gone

Indeed - removing that part of the Nextcloud configuration solved my issues. Thx!

I’ll have to experiment some more on how to use the ‘default accounts’ functionality, as it does offer some benefit for my use case (which involves a lot of older and not so tech-savvy users).