Rescue nextcloud instance without ssh/occ

Hello everybody,

my nextcloud instance was running on an all-inkl server without SSH and also without OCC access. So far, the updates via web console worked without problems.

Today there was the following error during “Delete old files”: core / shipped.json is not available. However, a backup appeared to have been successfully created during the update. I dann See the backup Filder

Since then, the cloud is no longer accessible. In the index.php is permanently "<? Php http_response_code (503); the (‘Update in process.’); ".

How do I get back into the cloud, or can I restore a backup without using any OCC commands? I have only access via FTP und I have access to or get into the database.

Thank you for your help!

if you’ve got the possibilitiy to set a cronjob, you can execute some of the occ commands through this way, but only short-duration ones

php -f /usr/www/users/muhar/nextcloud/occ section:occ-command --option

you should be able to select something like the calling interpreter, etc

but I would also be interested in a way to use occ-commands without direct ssh-access…

cya v3g0


This app could be of interest for you:

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is it compatible with v16?

cya v3g0

Just installed it on v17.0.0, seems to work.

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I am sorry, I can‘t help directly with that.

But, I am also hosting a nextcloud instance at all-inkl without ssh access and I use a separate PHP-file to perform occ commands. This way you might be able to perform a manual upgrade:

  1. IMPORTANT: Backup your data-folder, config.php and your database
  2. Download and extract the nextcloud-version you wanted to upgrade to and upload the folder to your webserver: Index of /server/releases
  3. copy the data-folder and config.php from the old installation to the in step 2 extracted folder with the new nextcloud-version (skip the data-folder if it is located outside of your nextcloud-folder)
  4. rename the old nextcloud-installation folder
  5. give the new nextcloud-installation folder the name of the old nextcloud-installation folder
  6. create a file on your webspace called occ-upgrade.php (or whatever you wanna call it) with the following content (adjust relative/path/to/occ to point to occ in the nextcloud-installation folder):
       exec("/usr/bin/php73 -d memory_limit=1024M relative/path/to/occ -n upgrade > occ-upgrade.txt 2>&1");
       exec("echo \"Congratulations: Upgrade completed!\" >> occ-upgrade.txt");
       header('Location: occ-upgrade.txt');
  7. visit occ-upgrade.php with a browser
  8. wait and keep your fingers crossed
  9. after successfull upgrade the browser will be redirected to a logfile (occ-upgrade.txt)
  10. delete occ-upgrade.php and occ-upgrade.txt from your webserver