Rerun update script?

a couple of weeks ago i updated my NC to version 12.
Unfortunately I misscopied my data folder and created the following structure:
I called the NC Mainpage in the browser and performed the update sucesfull from there.

After I corrected the folder structure i was able again to access all my data throu the cloud.

The remaining problem is now that my Gallery isnt working anymore because some scripts wasn’t created during the update procedure…

If I call the Gallery the Log shows the following message:

Error PHP file_get_contents(/XXX/htdocs/nextcloud/data/appdata_ochwhckcokyk/js/gallery/merged.js.deps): failed to open stream: No such file or directory at /XXX/htdocs/nextcloud/lib/private/Files/Storage/Local.php#209

Is there a way to recall the update script so the missing scripts will be recreated?

Thanks for any help.

With the occ upgrade on the command line, you can run the scripts again. Not sure if this is handled for all apps correctly. So if a table was not converted, it will be done. But if it has been done, it probably won’t be done again.

In your case it looks more like the js-caching does not work properly. After some time, it will work itself, you probably can trigger a recreate when you change the theme (just change the background color a bit).