Request for Enhancement : Android Client Sync

I am a great fan of NextCloud and use it for home document sharing and always having important documents with me.
When leaving home for a period, I generally sync important directories/files on my phone to have the latest version with me.
Away from home, I’m often faced with lousy 3G/4G bandwidth. When I want to open a file on my phone that’s available locally, the client software first checks with the server if it’s the latest version (which can take ages) and then opens the local version (because it’s already the latest).
To avoid this, I put the phone in “Airplane Mode”, Open the file(s) I want, and when I’ve finished, switch off the airplane mode. If I need to view an unsynced file, I need to switch off airplane mode before.
It would be much more convenient if there were a button or parameter which would disable “search for latest version” when accessing files locally, which would have no effect on unsynced files. Alternatively, such a button or parameter (easily accessible) which would switch on/off network interaction completely (until switched back on or remain off for 10 mins say).
I think that this would be a valuable enhancement of general interest.
Please contact me if you need any additional info