Request: chunked uploads in iOS app


I have issues with automatic upload of photos from the iOS app and I see a lot of others having difficulties with uploads. I believe that using chunked uploads would solve a number of those issues as well.

At the moment the uploads are not continued when interrupted but restartet from the beginning. This leads to a tremendous amout of data transfer for nothing. And it’s not only the amout of data, it also uses bandwith which affects other services/apps as well.

The Android app uses chunked uploads for quite a while and it works well. I believe that switching to chunked uploads for the iOS app would be a great benefit and improve user experience greatly. The sometimes very long upload queue seems to lead to many background tasks and cpu usage and affects the user interface which often seems to be not responding for longer time. Keeping the upload queue shorter by uploading files only once and successful shall reduce this bad user expirience dramatically.

Is there a way to help or vote so that this feature get a bit more priority?

Kind regards


I would also like to vote for this feature. Not only due to network instability, but also for large files and optimizing recovering from “network glitches”. I have lots of videos that are only a few minutes long that easily goes into a few hundred MBs very quickly. These are always the files that have issues and gets stuck trying to transfer :frowning:

You can only depend on so much of the a single connection to upload. With files and videos well into the GBs, I would much rather chunk the file which also helps with not needing to size the memory and upload limits too high.