Request access on files


I have a customer that is seeking to have to following functioinality:

Give another user (or group) “view” access to a folder. The user can enter the folder and see the files in that folder, but he/she cannot access nor edit the content of the files. Then the user can request access to this file. The owner get’s a notification of this request and can approve (or not) this access request.



As a workaround you could use the comments or tagging options to accomplish this. Otherwise you will need to write an NC/oC app which provides a request, notice and maybe even grant flow to implement this feature.

Nice idea. However, I also need to have a permission where users can see what files are in a folder, but not able to read there content. Something like read access on the folder and no access on the files in Linux permissions.

Puh, thats a tough one. You can have them see the folder and not the files but the next requirement would mean no download and no plugins to show and you would need to stop the sync client from working and webDav … no don’t think thats possible.

Ah technically should be no problem, thou some coding effort :confused:. I also like the idea. Maybe someone more deep in the matter can give a more qualified evaluation.

Btw. doesn’t give the access control app already functionality into this direction, grant folder but block included file (read?) access based on tags or something? Never had a deeper look into this.