[REQ] How to make a subscription link permanent?

Hi all,

I accidentally clicked the “unshare” on a calendar and when I “shared” it again the subscription link/calendar_share_id has changed! (

This is very bad since I can’t reach/log those who have subscribed and they most probably don’t know that (just) the link has changed when they don’t get any updates.


  1. Is there a way to have an e.g. name or the like as fixed calendar_share_id?
  2. How can I prevent changing the calendar_share_id?
  3. If there is no way for 1) or 2) : Where exactly is this link internally stored?
  4. Can I reset that value manually?

That said I also want to mention that the community here is quite helpful and quick! Thanks a bunch!

Meanwhile I figured out where the [calendar_share_id] is stored. I now can store that value somewhere else and check regulary for changes. But that is just a workaround for keeping that link permant and I understood that tinkering w/ the Source -DB is not recommended.

So, are there any other ways of keeping that link/value permanent across unsharing/share again?