Reporting bugs pointless, after reporting they "get stale" and are auto closed

Reset password throws exception in my 3 test instances of Nextcloud 13

Closed by a bot due to a lack of discussion?
what is this crap…

There are more than 1000 open issues. I suppose it takes a lot of time to follow all these discussions so they started to use bots for certain operations. A category of issues are stale, that’s often when the original poster reported a bug which couldn’t be reproduced, and in the worst case, he doesn’t give more specific information and the report was several versions ago. Such a topic is stale and then is closed.

Your case probably looked a bit like this (for a robot), two users responding as well, it was not tagged a bug or something else. I reopened the issue, added a bug-tag, so I hope they care about it very soon.