Replacing redis with cassandra


Since Redis is not a distributed caching solution, I was wondering if cassandra can be implemented instead. Cassandra has a built in replication out of the box, which will allow to replicate data to multiple Datacenters around the world. Cassandra can be used to store volatile data such us session id, file-access metadata, etc.


NC 12 has redis cluster support:

or do you mean something different?

The issue with Redis is that it does not scale out beyond a datacenter, it
does not allow to take backups nor snapshots, Also promoting a slave node
to a master is never a smooth process. It would make a lot more sense to
use Cassandra since it also offers a smooth replication and it goes beyond
a single data center. Cassandra can be used to store contact information,
path of files and folders. Also, Cassandra can be used for solr replacing
lucene with Cassandra.

Datastax offers makes it free for startups.

Thanks for this clarification.

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