Repeated folders when shared with a group and a user belonging to such a group

I’m on Nextcloud 19.0.3. I have the following directories:

|__ other_stuff

I’m trying to share the folder foo with groupA (read only) and the folder bar with userA with write permission. I want userA to be able to modify only bar and not other_stuff. NB: userA belongs to groupA.

In particular:

  • I shared foo with groupA (read only)
  • I shared bar with groupA (read and write)

The problem is that once I did that, userA sees in the WEB UI both foo and bar separately, like those were different entities.

Why is this happening and how can I avoid that?

Since you use separate shares they appear separately…

Leave only the first - foo - share as read-only.
To share bar use advanced permissions

Are you referring to the app groupfolder or to standard sharing?

Just checked out the app. It seems a a good idea, however:

Advanced Permissions allows entitled users to configure permissions inside groupfolders on a per file and folder basis.

Permissions are configured by setting one or more of “Read”, “Write”, “Create”, “Delete” or “Share” permissions to “allow” or “deny”. Any permission not explicitly set will inherit the permissions from the parent folder. If multiple configured advanced permissions for a single file or folder apply for a single user (such as when a user belongs to multiple groups), the “allow” permission will overwrite any “deny” permission. Denied permissions configured for the group folder itself cannot be overwritten to “allow” permissions by the advanced permission rules.

So if i deny write permission for groupA on foo I cannot allow it on bar for a userA (since userA belongs to groupA)