Renaming group folder

Just wondering if renaming a group folder is possible?

Right now as a member of a group test_share, when I try to rename the shared group folder showing up on the home page (using web browser) to something else (“test_share” to “test_share_changed” for example), after renaming the folder just doesn’t show up anymore on my home page.

If I then remove and add myself again to the group, the shared folder “test_share” will be visible again.

Is renaming a group folder possible? Am I doing it the wrong way?

We have NextCloud 22.1.1

Group folders can be renamed using the administrator settings. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response. I understand that you can probably rename a group in the admin settings, even though it seems like you can only change the Display name for the group and not the Username?

What I was wondering though is if renaming a group folder for group members (without admin permissions) is something that should be supported or not? As a group member, I can rename the folder that shows up on my home page:
2021-12-17 10_05_42-Window

but when I do so the folder disappears. I am only asking because one of our users did that and they couldn’t access their group folder anymore. If they shouldn’t rename group folders, I will just advise them not to

Ok, I see… In this case you should go to Github and create an issue about it in the groupfolders repository.

Thank you for your response and for the suggestion

If I can, I would prefer not having to create a github account for that. In the meantime I’ll just advise users in my organisation to not rename their group folders

If you like, I can create the feature request for you.

So to sum it up, you would like to have a possibility to keep your users from changing groupfolder names?

Just found out, that there is a similar issue already: