Renamed shared folder, old name is still shown in other user's account

I have a folder with common documents that I share with all users. I just renamed the folder from “Global Share” to “Global Share - Read Only”. In the other users’ accounts, the file was still named “Global Share”. By unsharing the folder and resharing it, the new name appeared.

I have many subfolders (about 100) I need to rename. I’d like to not have to duplicate the unshare/share step, and I feel like I just need to run a “reload” command or something similar to update the shared folder names in the other accounts. Am I crazy?

LOVE Nextcloud by the way

This is the way sharing works. Because assume you share a file foo to user1 and then rename it to bar. But what happens if the user already has a folder bar. This will lead to all kind of weird behaviour.

Or you shared foo with user1 but they want to call it foo by robertb or whatever. They should be able to organize it the way they want.

Now if you share foo and inside that folder is a folder foobar then if you rename foobar to bazz it will change.

I hope this cleared it up a bit.

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Thanks, yes, that makes sense.