Rename Nextcloud Forum

Hey there,

The Forum is currently called Nextcloud … I think it should be called something like Nextcloud Forum … That would make the navigation easier … and prevent confusion at links and favorite lists.


I believe you refer to the <title> tag? - If so, I just changed that to “Nextcloud Forum” as suggested by you.

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:thumbsup: …that was exactly what I’ve meant.

Forum is good for now, but if you change the URL to community as suggested in the other thread, I would suggest changing this to also say community.

It seems “Community” is the new term for forums.

Correct :thumbsup: Also, Discourse (the board used for this “Forum”) offers innovative private messages. Thats more something like a Community instead of a Forum :wink:


I renamed it to “Nextcloud Community” :slight_smile: