Rename host in nextcloud client without resyncing the whole stuff

Hi all,

is there any chance to rename the nextcloud server name (URL) without removing the “account” from the client configuration. Removing the account (German: Benutzerkonto) from the NC Client and creating a new one is the only solution I currently suggest. But doing this I have to resync my complete directory structure ( 120 GB of size). This would be the easiest way, but also the slowest (Gigabit LAN vs. 6 MBit WAN), taking weeks…

For any reason (probably at the very beginning of my NC experience) I decided to use an internal hostname on my notebook in the NC Client URL. Meanwhile I managed NC to be available also from the internet (nginx, IPV4 to IPV6 gateway) - but with a different hostname (of corse). Now I would like to enable the NC Client to sync also over the internet.

Thanks for your help!

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I did this one time in the Linux NC client. Deleted the old account, created a new one and assigned the same directory. AFAIK the client offered an option not to resync. Your mileage my vary…

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