Rename Folder ( by Admin ) Not change name with shared users

Hello ! I have a simply question : When the unique admin rename a folder that was shared with other users don’t change name ?
My conf :
Nextcloud - version:
Php 7.3
Nginx 1.17
Reidis 6.0
Memcached 1.6.6


No, I think it keeps the current name. It’s even possible that the user renames the share itself (without that name being changed at the admin’s side of course). Imagine different users sharing a folder “images” with you.

Thanks @tflidd ! Is there a way to sync folders name of the admin with other users ? maybe trough terminal " php occ " because my client don’t wont to rename manually the folders .

No, that is currently not possible.

For capabilities of the occ command please see: