Rename Admin User / Export Shares

Hi, i’ve got a question regarding the shares a user makes.

I have an user, lets say his name is “MisterX” ,who acts as the main user who shared all the folders and permissions when the cloud was created to the other users.

So now we need to copy that nextcloud to another server ( no problem with a mysql dump ), but the challange is that the company doesnt want the user MisterX anymore (employe left the company). Unfortunately he made all shares and permissions to the 60 Users…

so my question is, Is there an “easy” way to rename that user ? i know there is the possibility to login with email, but they need to change the username ( political reasons ).

I’d prefere to create a new user to have a clean new user, but then all the other users will loose their shares ( worse case ). And i see no opportunity to export given shares and import them in a new admin user.

Or is the only way to rename the user in the database like in ?:

No, the shares are transferred with the files of the old user to the new user.

You may transfer files from one user to another with occ. This is useful when you have to remove a user. Be sure to transfer the files before you delete the user! This transfers all files from user1 to user2, and the shares and metadata info associated with those files (shares, tags, comments, etc).

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Wow, thanks man !!! That really helps me a lot.
I couldn’t find that with google or board search.

thats really an easy way to do that.
Thia is my christmas wonder.

thanks again, and have a nice christmas !!!