Removing language selection

Hi good day.
I would like to remove the language selection option, so the one I assign is permanent for all users of my cloud.
No matter if the translation files remain on the server, all I want is to eliminate the possibility that users can change their language through the “settings / personal” directory.

My Nextcloud version is 10.0.1 for a shared host server. Thank you!

Why ever you want to do that, the language selection is for now part of the nc core and can’t be removed or deactivated, as far as you do not want to manipulate the “static” php files themselves and loose code integrity this way.

For now you can just specify the default language for first start of every user. But this can be adjusted afterwards:

But as more and more parts of the core become apps (i.e. logging), why not also move the localization part into an app. There are also some other parts that I would like to see in an app. Encryption is already an app, but also without it installed/enabled there remains the related setting in admin panel, just to name an example :wink: .

And you know anything about how to delete the Clients box section? The one in wich says “Get the app to sync your files”?

This is we don’t want our users try to download the desktop apps.

I guess you mean the Sync-Clients section on personal settings page? I am sorry that as far as I know there is no “beautiful” way to remove these fields, that are not part of an app. Of course you could remove the related <div> (clientsbox in this case) from the settings/personal.php. But this would lead to integrity check errors.

You can only deactivate the first run wizard app that shows these sync client links on first user login, but I guess you already found that one.

Well, so far, you’ve helped me a lot, and I appreciate it!
Thank you!

You can set custom URLs and then link it to your own page telling that this is currently not supported:

 * This section is for configuring the download links for Nextcloud clients, as
 * seen in the first-run wizard and on Personal pages.
'customclient_desktop' =>
'customclient_android' =>
'customclient_ios' =>

Thank you, I’ve already done that! :smiley:
The fact is that what I want to do is delete the entire section, or at least, change the text