Removing hyperlink-function from activities in email-notifications


I would like to remove the hyperlink-function from activities in the email notifications, because our customers will get email-notifications about activities, but they should not be able to click the hyperlinks because although they are created as NC-users, they will not get the credentials and so their shares are created as only public by me. So the NC-user/password-login window after clicking the email-hyperlink would be useless for them, because they only have the links for their PUBLIC shares.

After research I found out that there is a

/var/www/nextcloud/lib/private/Mail/ EMailTemplate.php

But editing this script failed for me. Any suggestions?

Many thanks

Ahh…I just found out that there is a Step-by-Step tutorial to modify the email template, but unfortunately only for NC-enterprise customers:

But I assume there are also free resources in the internet. If someone has a solution, please post the information or the link. Many thanks.